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Feeding| From first tastes to toddler training, we have all the essentials you need.
Feeding| We have all the essentials to help mums and dads embarking on the weaning journey.


Prep & Store | Weaning made easy...prep & store with our clever selection of pots & bowls | EXPLORE
Tableware | Everything you need for little ones on their way to the grown ups table | EXPLORE
Cutlery | Teach them how to feed themselves like a grown up with our easy to use cutlery | EXPLORE
4M+ 1st Tastes | For hungry babies ready for new tastes | SHOP.
6M+ Baby Weaning | For little ones ready to take on weaning | SHOP
12M+ Toddler Training | All you need for hungry little monsters | SHOP
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Baby Weaning Sets & Tableware

From their first tastes of baby food to toddlers in training, across our baby weaning sets and baby tableware collection at Nuby, you can discover all the baby feeding accessories you need to make mealtimes fun! Baby feeding isn’t always the easiest of tasks, but our collection helps to take the stress out of dinner time. Explore pots and bowls in our prep and store range, ideal for keeping prepared with food and snacks on the go. Or, make every bite bright with toddler-friendly cutlery, and get them well on their way to independent eating.

Baby Tableware 

From suction bowl sets and mats to weaning spoons and cutlery sets, whether you’re stocking up on baby tableware for dinner times at home or you’re looking for portable baby weaning sets to keep in your bag when you’re out and about, you can find a wide range of baby feeding tools to explore here at Nuby. Choose your baby tableware and baby weaning sets and enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £25!


Can I put my bowls, mats, cutlery in the dishwasher?

A lot of our Nûby™ feeding cutlery and feeding bowl products can be cleaned in the dishwasher, top rack only. However, please check our instructions before use or get in touch. 

Why will my Nûby™ suction bowls not stick to my child's highchair tray?

Before placing the bowls on the highchair tray, make sure it is clean and debris free, baby wipes contain oils so if the surface has been wiped using these, it may need to be fully dry before placing the bowl down. It also needs to be a clean smooth surface, it may not work on wood due to the grain. You can also apply rubbing alcohol to the suction cups and the surface of the tray for extra suction. 

When can my child start eating solid food?

From around 6 months old, once they are able to hold their head up and sit upright.