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This Mum Is... | Learn more about the campaign and book your tickets at one of our events here

Having a baby is life changing… feelings of loneliness and the pressure to always get it right can make becoming a mum really hard. We identified lots of new Mum's going through the same experience and decided it was time to talk about it and show them they are not alone.

This Mum Is… was created to encourage Mum's to come together and share the good, the bad and the hilarious through an online community and events across the UK. All the events were free to attend and gave new Mum's the opportunity to come together, make friends, swap stories, learn practical parenting tips and get pampered.


The Events

Edinburgh - 17th July

We had a fantastic night at our first This Mum Is... event with so many contributors providing practical tips for the new Mum's.

Jen Wood, provided mummy mindfulness tips, JoJo Fraser explained her coping techniques for being a mum, Laura Russell for gave us style tips to lose the mum frump, and hair stylists from Paterson SA showed us how to quickly style hair for any occasion.

The event was hosted by the lovely Arlene from the Breakfast show on Forth 1 radio at The Kitchen at The Restoration Yard in Dalkeith Country Park.

London - 22nd August 

A great time was had when This Mum Is... was in London, hosted by Absolute Radio DJ Danielle Perry. Hurrah for Gin author Katie Kirby, and Breaking Mum and Dad author, TV presenter and podcaster Anna Williamson, shared their own experiences of what it’s like to be a mum.

Anna Williamson spoke about the realities of her pregnancy and mental health leading up to birth of her first baby. She spoke honestly about her feelings and how she asked for help. Second time around she is doing things differently - and better.

Katie Kirby, author of one of the most wickedly funny parenting books around, shone a light on what is truly horrible about being a mum, alongside all the hilarious and wonderful moments too. She read snippets of her book, whilst some mums sipped on a G&T from the pop up gin bar.

All the mums had the chance to meet and chat with Anna, Katie and Danielle at the after party before collecting their fabulous goody bag.

Future Events

Manchester - 10th September

A mini-festival for mums and babies at the very cool Home Sweet Home venue in the centre of Manchester. Learn how to dance with bub in a Dance like a Mother class We’ll have our very own DJ, festival food and mummy mocktails.

Birmingham - 12th September

This Mum Is…Creative will be coming to Birmingham for mums and dads. Have a go on the rides, take on a Lego challenge, attend one of the many creative workshops, including creative cooking for kids from the weaning expert Natalie Peall. 

Newcastle - 18th September

Mam to Glam is the theme for the Newcastle event. We’ll show you how to lose the mum frump and get your glam back as a time poor parent.  With make-up artists and hair stylists showing us how to glam up in a hurry, fashion stylists teaching us how to style code and then seeing how it’s done from Pink Boutique. We’ll even teach you how to make a mean cocktail to sip while you’re getting toon ready.  Music for the night provided by a DJ mum. 

Thank you to all the Mum's that came along, we hope you enjoyed it and keep in touch with us!

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