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Dummies | little helpers to help keep little ones calm day or night.
Dummies | Whether having a tantrum or just needing to be soothed to sleep these dummies will be help


Daytime Dummies | Help your little one relax with this day time buddy | EXPLORE
Nighttime Dummies | Hurray! No more hunting for dummies in the dark | EXPLORE
Fun Time Dummies | Keep tantrums at bay with the help of a fun face | EXPLORE
0-6M Dummies: With orthodontic cherry shaped teats perfect for newborns - SHOP
6-18M Dummies: Dentist approved with soothing nubs for a breast-like feel - SHOP
UV Dummy Steriliser - Keep dummies germ free with UV. SHOP NOW


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Baby Dummies


What age are your dummies suitable for?

Here at Nuby, all our Uber dummies are designed for babies from birth until 18 months and are all approved by dentists. We have 2 different age categories in our range: 0-6m and 6-18m.

How do I clean a dummy?

Before first use, you should boil the soother in water for up to five minutes. To sterilise, you can use either use a steam sterilisation method or a cold water sterilised solution.

How do I get rid of water in the dummy?

It is perfectly normal to see water inside the soother.  To remove this, gently squeeze the teat using sterilised teat tongs to release any excess water.

How often should I replace a dummy?

Our dummies should be replaced every 4 weeks for hygienic purposes.