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Frequently Asked Questions

Imagine how much easier it’d be if babies came with a ‘how to’ video and a guide for every type of cry? Or if you could just look at a product and it’d assemble or work as it’s supposed to on its own? Sadly, we don’t have a magic wand to make all that happen but luckily, we’ve made a list of the most frequently asked questions that we hear most from other parents and provided you with some easy to understand answers that should help.


How many lullabies does the mobile play and for how long?

The cot mobile has 5 gentle lullabies to choose from, which will loop 3 times (20 minutes per loop) and then go into silent mode for 5 minutes before switching off completely. This will encourage your little one to nod off while watching the floating characters twirl around.

You can either play the music independently or have the mobile rotating with the music – again parents’ choice. 

(This product is powered by batteries only)

When should my baby start tummy time? 

Tummy time can start soon after birth as part of a pleasurable daily routine. You can begin with a few minutes each time. You might start by laying your baby across your lap on their tummy. However remember, your baby needs to be supervised at all times during tummy time.


Can I sterilise my breast pump?

Yes of course, this is recommended before each use, but only the parts that come into contact with the milk, no need to sterilise the air tube or electrical parts!

Do you have spare parts for the breast pump?

Yes of course, we sell a range of spare parts for the breast pump, find them here.

How do I store breast milk? 

You can store your breast milk using the following advice from the NHS website - 

  • in the fridge for up to five days at 4C or lower (you can buy cheap fridge thermometers online)
  • for two weeks in the ice compartment of a fridge
  • for up to six months in a freezer

Click here for the NHS guidelines for further information.

Find breastfeeding milk storage bags here


What teats are supplied with the bottles?

All of our bottles come with a slow flow teat suitable for 0-3 months, although this is purely a guideline, some little ones may need this teat a little longer and some may go onto a faster flow sooner. You can shop the medium & fast flow teats here.

My bottles have misshapen, why has this happened?

If the water has been a little too hot when poured into the bottle, this can cause the plastic to warp, especially if the lid has been placed back on. We recommend that the water in the kettle is left for around 30 minutes before being poured into the bottles.  The water at this point, will be around 70 degrees, the perfect mixing temperature for formula. 

Can I put bottles and teats in the dishwasher?

Yes, Nûby™ bottles and teats can be washed in the dishwasher. It is suggested to place them on the top shelf only and also sterilise them after washing.    

How can I wash the Nûby™ bottles?

Wash baby bottles immediately after use using hot water and a mild soap. You can also pop these in the dishwahser, top shelf only. Once washed, you can sterilse your bottles using steam sterilisation or cold water solutions.

How long will bottles stay sterile for after sterilisation?

Nûby™ bottles remain sterile for 24 hours.

After I have sterilised my baby’s bottles and teats, how should I dry them? 

Any water left inside the bottles after sterilisation is sterile and will not collect any germs, therefore you will not need to dry them. 

Out & About

Can I put a newborn baby in a baby carrier? 

Yes of course, however only on the front facing option, facing into the chest. The baby carrier is suitable from 3.5kg to 14kg. This is approximately 1 week old to 18 months old. When using the baby carrier always monitor the baby.

For low birth weight babies and children with medical conditions, a strong recommendation is given to seek medical advice from a health professional before using the product. 

At what age can I start using a travel booster seat? 

Our Nûby™ travel booster seat is suitable from 6 months plus or for little ones who are able to sit unaided.  We recommend the maximum age is around 36 months or up to 15kg/33.1lbs.


What age are your dummies suitable for?

All our Uber dummies are designed for babies from birth until 18 months and approved by dentists. We have 2 different age categories in our range, 0-6m and 6-18m.

How do I clean a dummy?

Before first use you should boil the soother in water for up to five minutes. To sterilise, you can use either steam sterilisation or cold water sterilised solution. 

How do I get rid of water in the dummy?

It is perfectly normal to see water inside the soother.  To remove this, gently squueze the teat using sterilised teat tongs to release any excess water.

How often should I replace a dummy?

Our dummies should be replaced every 4 weeks for hygienic purposes.


Which teether is best for my little one?

Our fantastic range of award winning teethers are designed to help your little one through the difficult teething process. As well as being colourful and fun, they offer multiple textured surfaces to soothe tender gums, stimulate the senses and help develop baby’s hand-to-eye coordination. To see which our range and find out which one is best suited to your little one, shop teethers here 

Is the material in the teethers safe for my baby?

Yes, our teethers have no BPA and no phthalates and are perfectly safe for your little one. 


Can a newborn use a bib?

Most parents wait until their child is weaning to start using bibs, however other parents wait a few weeks after the child is born to start using bibs. Either way, we have a wide variety to choose from. Shop bibs here

Can a baby wear a bib when going to sleep? 

We would not advise putting a bib on your little one while they are asleep due to safety precautions.


How do I best clean my cups?

To keep your cups nice, clean andhygienic, we recommend cleaning your cups in warm soapy water and for extra reassurance you can use our small cleaning brushes for those harder to reach places. All our Free-Flow cups, spouts and straws can also be cleaned using a steriliser or dishwasher (top rack only).  

My little one can’t get any liquid out of the spout/straw?

Our wonderful no-spill cups and beakers are fitted with ‘touch-flo’ technology. This feature enables the cups to be no-spill. Without this feature, the cups would be free flow, meaning the liquid would flow from the spout/straw. This technology requires a small amount of pressure to be applied by little one, whilst drinking. Most little ones, once shown, can adjust to this action. However, others may take a little time to get used to it, especially if they have not had a cup like this before. 

When does a baby switch from bottle cup to a drinking cup?

Most babies are ready to start drinking from a sippy cup at around 6-9m. See our full range of cups here

The straw/spout of my cup is leaking? 

Some little ones like to bite or chew on the spouts/straws. This could cause damage and prevent the non spill feature from working. However, if the cup is faulty please contact so we can solve the issue.


Can I put my bowls, mats, cutlery in the dishwasher?

A lot of our Nûby™ feeding cutlery and feeding bowl products can be cleaned in the dishwasher, top rack only. However, please check our instructions before use or get in touch. 

I purchased a set of Nûby™suction bowls for my child and the bowls will not stick to my child's highchair tray?

Before placing the bowls on the highchair tray, make sure it is clean and debris free, baby wipes contain oils so if the surface has been wiped using these, it may need to be fully dry before placing the bowl down. It also needs to be a clean smooth surface, it may not work on wood due to the grain. You can also apply rubbing alcohol to the suction cups and the surface of the tray for extra suction. 

When can my child start eating solid food?

From around 6 months old and they should be able to hold their head up and sit upright.


How do I clean my bath toys?

If you are using bath solutions that are oil based, we would recommend the bath toys are washed and rinsed out with sterilising solution.  The oils can cause the moisture to lock in and cling to the toy.  you will then need to ensure that the toys are fully air dryed before next use.

Are Nûby™ bath toys BPA free?

Yes Nûby™ UK products are BPA free and every BPA-free Nûby™ product has a specific logo on the packaging.


Do you have breast pump replacement parts?

Yes, you can find the range here

Do you have drinking cup replacement parts?

Yes, you can find the range here.

Do you have replacement parts for bottles?

Yes, you can find the range here.

I can't find a replacement nipple/spout/straw for my cup?

It could be that these items are out of stock as we sell all our replacement parts online, however please contact and we may be able to assist you further.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for here? Get in touch with one of the Nûby™ Family by email at or give us a call on 0800 334 5844 and we’ll do all we can to help!