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Nuby RapidCool™ Formula Feed Maker

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Meet the most innovative way of preparing formula feeds with the NEW RapidCool™ that cools down formula milk to the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes* to NHS guidelines. Just WOW!

  • Cools baby formula milk from boiling to the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes*
  • Conforms to NHS guidelines, using freshly boiled water to prepare bottle feeds safely.
  • Easy to use and clean, no complex set-up, and doesn't require expensive replacement filters.
  • Travel friendly, the RapidCool easily fits in most nappy change bags and no power supply is needed. Take it anywhere!
  • RapidCool prepares bottles fast, without a sound, perfect both day and night

Box contains: 1 x RapidCool™ Flask, 1 x Digital Lid, 1 x Small Milk Powder Formula Dispenser, 1 x Lid Cleaning Brush

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New parents have so many things to think about when their little one arrives, and making a bottle is one of them. It sounds like a breeze, but when your baby is hungry you can be sure they’ll let you know about it in great volume! When the pressure is on, it’s difficult to remember the NHS guidelines for preparing a formula feed, but not to worry - we've got you covered.

Rapid Cool™ is the innovative new way to prepare a bottle feed that conforms to NHS guidelines, so you can be assured it is safe for you and your little one. We’ve put all of our energy and know-how into a game-changing formula feeding solution that rapidly cools down a feed in only 2 minutes*, so you’re always ready to serve, wherever you are.

How to use

How does it work? It’s easy-peasy! Boil fresh water, measure formula powder, fill RapidCool with hot water, add formula powder, and mix well. Simply wait for the digital display to show a green Nuby logo and dispense the feed into your sterilised baby bottle. A 120ml feed will be ready to serve in only 2 minutes*. No cold-water baths to cool a bottle down, no having to reheat a made-up bottle, no worrying about making a feed correctly. Just a safe feed to NHS guidelines, day and night.

Designed for 90ml-240ml (3oz-8oz) feed sizes, you have the flexibility to increase feed sizes as your baby grows.

*Time varies between 2-5 minutes, depending on the size of the feed.


Download the instruction leaflet for more details on cleaning and sterilising. 

Is this BPA free?

Yes this product is BPA free.

How does it work?

The RapidCool™ base uses specialist patented materials within its walls to absorb heat from the boiling water that is used to prepare formula milk, quickly cooling the feed to the perfect temperature.

The digital lid has an integrated thermometer that activates when it comes into contact with water.

How do I clean and sterilise the RapidCool™ lid?

The digital lid should be cleaned in warm, soapy water. After cleaning, the lid should be sterilised by UV sterilisation or cold-water sterilisation. You can also sterilise the RapidCool™ digital lid when out and about using hot water from your insulated flask. The RapidCool™ lid must glow Nuby red when attached to the flask to indicate the water is at the correct temperature. Keep the flask upside down to make sure the water is in contact with the lid for at least 30 seconds, then the lid will be safe to use!

How do I sterilise the RapidCool™ base?

You can do this via UV sterilisation, cold water sterilisation, steam sterilisation or in a dishwasher. Never steam sterilise in a microwave.

Can I mix formula with the boiled water immediately or do I have to wait for the water to cool down to 70°C?

No, you don’t have to wait! The freshly boiled water can and should be used immediately for the safest feed. The NHS guidelines state that the water should be no less than 70°C, but this does not mean that you must wait for it to reach this temperature first before mixing with formula. Mixing formula with freshly boiled water is the safest way to feed, as it ensures any harmful bacteria are eliminated!

How do I know when the RapidCool™ is ready to use again?

The RapidCool™ works by absorbing heat from hot liquids. After being exposed to heat, it will require a minimum of 3 hours before being ready to use again. The flask should feel cool to the touch.

How does it comply with NHS guidelines?

The NHS guidelines state that when preparing a bottle, you should use freshly boiled water, which has been left no longer than 30 minutes so that it remains at a temperature of at least 70°C.

With RapidCool™, you pour freshly boiled water into the base along with your formula, but thanks to its patented technology the bottle cools the feed in 2 minutes*.

Using freshly boiled water means that any harmful bacteria is killed and the RapidCool™ eliminates the need to run bottles under cold water or use an ice bath to get the feed to the right temperature.

How long can I leave the feed in the flask after preparing it?

We recommend that the feed is used immediately (as soon as the Nuby light turns green and indicates the feed has cooled sufficiently), as per the NHS guidelines.

How would this work for night feeds?

The RapidCool™ is quiet and quick, so you are not staying up longer than necessary, and no noisy machines or plugs are needed. There is also the option of keeping hot water to hand in an insulated flask, to save time boiling the kettle in the middle of the night!

How many feeds does it make at a time?

RapidCool™ makes one feed at a time as it needs cleaning and sterilising between uses. We have designed the RapidCool™ so that you have the flexibility of feed sizes between 90ml-240ml (3oz-8oz) as your baby grows.

There are seven measurement markers located inside the flask between 60ml and 240ml.

How is it powered?

The lid is powered by a long-life lithium battery that does not require charging.

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