Loved by millions of babies and toddlers worldwide. We here at Nuby have you covered for feeding, weaning, teething, play, bath and nursery.
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Loved by millions of families
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Bottles & Teats: Whatever time of day or night, feeding is easier with teats that feel just like mum
Sterilisers: Cleaning & sterilising doesn't need to be time consuming with these handy essential
Bundle Sets: All the essentials you will need to get feeding in no time - SHOP
Bottlefeeding Replacement Parts: Sometimes little bits and pieces go missing but don't worry, we


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Baby Bottles

Baby Bottles at Nuby

Be prepared for feeding at any time with our collection of adorable baby bottles here at Nuby. Go for a decorated feeding bottle for an ultra-cute option that any baby will adore – featuring super-soft slow flow teats modelled on mum, both you and baby can enjoy an easier and happier feeding time. We’ve got lots of designs for you to choose from in our baby bottles range, from single bottles to our newborn baby bottle starter kits with everything you need for their very first feeds.

Anti Colic Bottles

At Nuby, our range of baby bottles includes specially-designed anti colic bottles and anti reflux bottles that feature unique and advanced valves to help prevent air ingestion during feeding. Easy to clean, dishwasher and microwave safe and 100% BPA free, our baby bottles make feeds as quick and easy as possible for both you and baby. To keep your baby spic and span at dinner time, be sure to also explore bibs at Nuby, which includes our wide variety of milk feeding bibs. And what about sterilising your bottles? It’s quite simply a breeze with our electric steriliser and dryer kits!