Why Won’t My Newborn Sleep?

Newborn sleep is a key part of your little one’s development. If you’re a new parent, you might be struggling to get your baby to sleep. We’ve all been there! Some days will be better than others, so try not to worry about maintaining a regular sleeping pattern straight away.

That being said, there are a few reasons why your newborn baby might not be sleeping as soundly as you’d like. They could be uncomfortable in their sleeping clothes, feeling a little hungry, or just well rested enough from a nap that they don’t need that extra bit of shut-eye.

Your baby could also be experiencing something called moro reflex, which is when your little one jolts awake because of a sudden noise or falling sensation[AR1] . Don’t worry – this is something they’ll most likely grow out of in a month or two of taking them home.

To help you rest and relax throughout the night, here are some of the things you can do to help your newborn baby fall into a peaceful sleep.  

How to get a newborn to sleep at night

So what do you need for a newborn? These are some of the newborn essentials you can invest in to help your baby sleep soundly.

It’s no secret that some babies fall asleep easier with a night light. Here at Nuby, we’ve created a colour changing night light that helps your little one peacefully snooze to their heart’s content. The cuddly penguin design features eight calming colours to choose from, a built-in rechargeable battery lasting eight to ten hours, and is portable enough to be carried with you if you’re travelling on holiday.

There’s nothing like a soothing lullaby to help your newborn drift into the land of nod. Our musical baby cot mobile plays a variety of musical tunes for your newborn baby to listen to. The penguin toys even spin to mesmerise your baby as they doze off, especially as

What should a baby wear to sleep?

Newborn babies need a few essentials to sleep in. Depending on how warm it is in your house, they can rest in a quilted sleeping bag, vest, or onesie. You’ll also want to put a pair of mittens on their hands to make sure they don’t scratch their soft skin during the night.

You might also want to tuck your baby in to help them dose off. Our quilted sleeping bag is perfect for babies aged 0–6 months old, helping them to snuggle and snooze in ultimate comfort all night long. It wraps around their small bodies, so you don’t have to worry about them kicking it off during their quiet time.

How many hours does a newborn sleep

On average, newborn babies sleep between 8–18 hours every day. This is usually split up into smaller intervals, so you won’t be without your little one for hours and hours of the day. Don’t worry if they haven’t established a regular sleeping pattern yet, it all comes with time!

How long should a newborn sleep without feeding?

If your newborn baby sleeps for longer than three hours, you might want to wake them up for a snack. Or they’ll wake you up! To make sure you’re able to feed them quickly, we recommend investing in our RapidCool kit. This makes the perfect baby formula in as little as 2 minutes, so you can get back to what’s really important – that extra few minutes of ‘zzzs! 

How to safely co-sleep with a newborn

It’s only natural to want to spend as much time with your little one as possible. Even when you’re asleep! Our sleep by me crib helps you safely co-sleep with your newborn, whether you’re resting throughout the day or snoozing during the night. The crib is perfect for babies aged 0–6 months old, easily zips open, and has seven adjustable heights. It also comes with lights, lullabies, white noise, and soft vibrations, so you’re ready for anything.

These are some of the things to help you get your newborn baby to sleep. If you’re still struggling to put your baby to bed, try to remember that their regular sleeping pattern comes with time. You can also speak with your friends or family, as well as visiting our online community, to swap expert tips with fellow mums and dads.


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