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Why Vegetable-Led Weaning is Worth All The Flying Broccoli

Our little ones’ immune systems are their first line of defence against illness and, just like with our adult immune systems, theirs get stronger with the help of a balanced variety of nutritious foods. We’re talking fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein-rich foods.


THE SENSORY SIDE OF WEANING by The Children’s Nutritionist

Weaning your baby is an incredibly exciting time. It’s such an important milestone in your little one’s life and it’s likely to be the messiest…but that’s no bad thing!  Did you know that all of the mess helps your baby’s brain develop?  A baby’s growing brain is ever so sensitive to changes in its environment and your baby uses all of their senses to notice these changes and learn from them.  By letting your little one experience foods though their sensory system you are giving them the opportunity to create... Read More



By Natalie Peal Fussy eating is one of the biggest worries amongst my Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook community. When it comes to fussy eating a lot of parents don’t realise that it often stems from your child’s desire for control rather than the food itself. Babies have very little control over their lives, therefore as soon as they realise they can get a reaction from you or can enjoy their favourite meal by refusing to eat, they will often use this to their advantage. To anyone going through this phase in... Read More