Alex with baby Rosie 30/01/2020

Breastfeeding, expressing and helping with feeds at night through the eyes of a new dad…!

I think being a parent is one of the hardest things you do even though it’s also one of the best and most rewarding things.  There’s a lot of pressure to do things ‘right’ and ‘perfectly’ and I know it can be especially hard from new mums learning how to breast feed and express milk too.  It’s not like you can prepare yourself for it and although it’s natural and me and my mates have no issues if Holly needs to breastfeed when we’re out, there are still people out... Read More



Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) is the process of weaning where you skip past the purée stage of traditional weaning and offer your baby smaller portions of your own food from the age of six months. BLW is focused on your baby experiencing real tastes and textures at the very beginning of their weaning journey. This method also promotes family mealtimes: everyone eating the same delicious food at the same time. This not only cuts down on your preparation time, but also means that you can eat your food at the same... Read More