Our favourite hacks to help parents

Life’s busy when you’re a parent.

We want to help in any little way we can. That’s why we’ve been scouring social media and quizzing every parent we know to find the very best tips to make parents’ lives that little bit easier.

Here are some our favourite hacks:

At home hacks

  • @anniemccarmen convinced her 8-year-old that she hates the sound of the vacuum cleaner, so now she vacuums whenever she’s mad at her. Good one Annie!
  • @fatherwithtwins has some great tips for getting an extra lie-in at the weekend:
    1. Tell kids to stay in bed until a certain time.
    2. Set their clock back an hour.
    3. Enjoy an extra hour’s sleep.
  • When you can’t find your glasses, charger or wallet, make a hunting game for your little one to help you.
  • Turn an old DVD case into a pencil case. Genius!  
  • Use a hanging shoe storage bag to organise toys such as cars or Lego.
  • Ask Alexa to play a lullaby at bedtime. Zzzzzzzz.

Travelling hacks

  • Pack everything your child will need for the day in a resealable bag for each day that you are on holiday! Lifesaver!
  • Pack a ‘what if’ bag that you can keep in the boot of your car to keep your child entertained wherever you are! The essentials:
    1. Paper and pencils, or even better still a colouring book.
    2. Puzzle or fact book.
    3. Stickers and post-its.
    4. A set of small toy figurines.
    5. Snacks and drinks!
  • Buy and wrap small gifts from the pound shop, that they can open at regular intervals on the journey.
  • Install a car rubbish bag to capture all those wayward sweet wrappers and bits of paper.
  • If you’re going on a long distance journey, try to do your longest stretches of driving at night. Put the kids in their pyjamas and enjoy the silence as the car rocks them to sleep.
  • Darken any hotel room by using one of the complimentary hangers to clip the two curtains together and let little one nap away.

Playtime hacks

  • Turn your old shirts and T-Shirts into aprons that will protect your child’s clothing while crafting.
  • If you have more than one child, challenge them to a ‘race’ to see who can tidy up toys quickest!
  • Re-use old objects like handles, light switches and bells and fix them to a piece of wood to make a toddler ‘busy board’. Cheap, eco-friendly and entertaining for little hands and minds.
  • Crafty ideas… Use empty roll on deodorant bottles as paint applicators. Hours of fun! A lint roller is great for collecting any spilled glitter.
  • Play doctors, with you as the patient, so all you have to do is lie on the bed, giving you a few much needed moments of rest!
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  • To help with winding down, create a calming box with things for the senses like play dough, massage oil and colouring activities. It’s a lovely way to connect and spend special time together.

Clothing hacks

  • Did you know that baby vests have envelope folds in the shoulders so you can pull them down over your baby’s body rather than up and over their head? Much better for nappy changing time.
  • Cut the feet off baby sleepsuits to make them last a little bit longer.
  • Cut a sticker in half, then put the left part in the sole of your child’s left shoe, and the other half in the right shoe, helping your kiddo to put their shoes on the right way round!
  • Keep receipts for clothes in larger sizes (and don’t wash them until ready to wear) because babies grow very quickly and you may be able to return any items that are too small for the season.
  • Once your little one grows out of their onesie, cut the crotch part off and hem straight across to create a top that will fit for longer.
  • Turn old baby clothes that are too sentimental to throw away into a patchwork cuddly toy or a blanket. Something you or your child can treasure forever.
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Food hacks

  • Hide your chocolate and sweet treats in a frozen pea bag. They’ll never look in there!
  • Freeze yoghurt to make ice lollies that are healthier than ice cream.
  • Write cute messages on their lunchbox banana, so they will want to snack on this healthy treat.
  • In a rush? Fresh filled pasta can be cooked up in three minutes, popped into a container, and you’re good to go.
  • Put a plastic sheet or a cheap shower curtain under the high chair while weaning – much easier to capture and clean than mopping up the floor each time!
  • Use an egg slicer to cut baby’s food.

Have you got any amazing hacks? Let us know @nubyuk

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