Newborn and Toddler’s Toys for Baby Development

Toys aren’t just for fun – they’re vital in helping babies and children develop strong cognitive and motor skills and to help make sense of the world around them.

Toys allow babies and children a safe place from which to explore and experiment. Through pretend play children can discover how to deal with emotions, build social skills and learn self-discipline. NCT tells new parents babies learn a lot through play and notes all interaction between you both is valuable.

Whatever stage your little one is at, there are toys which can help boost their development along the way.

Newborn and Young Babies Toys

Newborn and nursery toys such as playmats, baby gyms and floor seats are designed to help develop fine motor skills and build hand to eye co-ordination.

Playmats provide a soft and safe place for baby to relax and explore the world, giving mummy and daddy’s arms a well-earned rest!

For the first few months of your baby’s life, he or she can only see in black and white and is unable to focus well, so playmats and baby gyms offer lots of visual stimulation to help develop baby’s visual senses.

Tummy time is well recognised as being important for building baby’s strength. Placing your baby on a playmat on his or her tummy will build neck and shoulder muscles and help to strengthen these muscles in preparation for crawling later. Tummy time also helps prevent a flat head, which can be caused by too much time lying on the same side during those early months.

Penguin Inflatable Sit up Baby Seat

As babies grow, they start to reach out and grab things, hanging toys from a playmat, baby gym or in front of your baby’s seat will help fine-tune hand to eye coordination skills.

Check out Nuby’s range of nursery toys to help your baby as they grow.

Toys for Bath Time

Fun Watering Can

All babies and children love bath time  – whatever their age. It’s a precious time, where your baby has your undivided attention and you can build and cement your bond together.

Bath time toys add extra fun. Playing with colourful stacking cups, a bubble machine or a squirty toy together can help to make bath time a magical experience for both of you.

Toys like this also help baby’s development by making play lots of fun, improving hand-to-eye coordination, strengthening baby’s hands and wrists, helping develop colour recognition and helping your little one learn about cause and effect.

6-9 months Teething Toys

Sometime around six months the dreaded teething stage begins. Teething starts when your baby’s teeth begin to break through the gums and ends anywhere up to age two and a half.

Bug-a-loop Teether

While some babies get through this phase with seemingly little pain, others will suffer from the dull ache associated with teething.

Biting down and gnawing helps relieve the discomfort for baby and using teething aids can be a godsend for stressed mums. Nuby’s range of playful teething toys are designed in lots of different materials with bright colours and textured surfaces to provide sensory stimulation, while soothing those sore little gums.

During this stage, babies will start to develop clearer vision, better hand-eye co-ordination and evolving motor skills so there’ll be a lot of wriggling! When you’re out and about with a pram or buggy, you may find your baby needing more stimulation to keep them occupied.

Penguin Activity Spiral Pram Toy

Clip on pram and buggy toys and books keep your little ones amused and help refine their developing skills, at the same time as making sure you’re never going to lose a much-loved plaything. 

10 months+ Development Toys

At ten months and older your baby will be starting to become more mobile in preparation for walking. They’ll be sitting up, starting to crawl and cruising around the furniture, allowing them to become more independent when exploring the world around them.

Ball pits and soft play are great at this stage of development. These types of toys will help to strengthen baby’s muscles and help improve balance and coordination. While throwing and rolling balls in a safe and secure ball pit helps the development of fine motor skills.

Jersey Ball Pit

Playing outside is also an excellent way to help your baby build their growing motor skills. As well as giving your baby new experiences to satisfy their curiosity, outdoor play allows them to benefit from being outside and amongst nature. Pretend play with toys like fishing nets, digging tools and watering cans inspire the imagination and will keep your little one amused for ages.

3 years+ Activity Toys

At three-years-old your child will have reached some major development milestones. They should now be able to walk, run, jump, climb and catch a ball. They’ll be growing into their own little characters – chattering incessantly and initiating lots of conversations with you.

School Bus Play Tent

This age is when pretend play really comes to the fore and your child will love creating their own imaginary worlds and acting out roles within it. Pretend play can help children build strong emotional and social skills and toys such as play tents, dressing up clothes, tea sets, mini kitchens and dolls can help spark imaginations and encourage role play, social interactions, sharing and taking turns. This type of play also helps in language development.

Play tables are another great way to encourage creative play. Nuby’s sand and water play table is great for when its warmer outside.

Sand and Water Play Table

Children need lots of opportunities to play to help them grow up happy and healthy. We understand the importance of good toys in helping to support and shape your child’s development at every stage. Check out our full range here.

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