Feeding children can be a bit of a challenge at times especially if children are going through a fussy eating stage. One of the things that helped my children, was to make food fun and exciting. As adults we are very guilty of repetitive meals and I know how easy it is to fall into that cycle especially given the time challenges that many of us face. I want to share some really easy ways you can create fun food for your children without it taking up loads of extra... Read More


Why should I use UV sterilisation for my baby’s bottles?

The sterilising of baby feeding equipment and accessories is one of the most important, and time consuming, tasks for parents to undertake. As we move through difficult times together, parents have arguably become more aware of the importance of sterilising baby equipment. Traditionally, sterilising is carried out using water; either by creating steam through electric or microwave heating, or by popping sterilising tablets in cold water and leaving overnight. It’s typically a complex and time-consuming procedure. Sterilising before every feed and then of course drying and cooling them takes time... Read More



Baby and toddler food shouldn’t be bland! Experimenting with a range of spices can help to expand their palettes and cultivate adventurous eaters who enjoy a range of flavours, textures and are excited by food! Introducing bold flavours early on is essential as babies receptiveness to new tastes narrows as they get older. Broadening their palettes at a young age will hopefully result in appreciation of wholesome, unprocessed and flavoursome food. Furthermore, as salt should be avoided for under 1’s adding spices is a fantastic way to add flavour. Did... Read More

Alex with baby Rosie 30/01/2020

Breastfeeding, expressing and helping with feeds at night through the eyes of a new dad…!

I think being a parent is one of the hardest things you do even though it’s also one of the best and most rewarding things.  There’s a lot of pressure to do things ‘right’ and ‘perfectly’ and I know it can be especially hard from new mums learning how to breast feed and express milk too.  It’s not like you can prepare yourself for it and although it’s natural and me and my mates have no issues if Holly needs to breastfeed when we’re out, there are still people out... Read More



BOTTLE OR BREAST, THE QUESTION IS, WHICH IS BEST? Controversial subject or what? I honestly underestimated how passionate both teams were until I was expecting our first born, Hugo and it came to light that it is a very spoken about subject in the world of mothers!