Becoming a parent

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How to sterilse baby bottles

Sterilising is an important step in your baby’s feeding routine. Knowing how to correctly sterilize baby bottles and teats will help you ensure that you protect your baby’s delicate immune system in their early stages of development. In this article we’ll run through the best approaches to take and some of the equipment you can use to make this process quick and easy. How long do baby bottles stay sterile? Although sterilising can take just a few minutes, it can last for up to 24 hours, if bottles are properly... Read More

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Our favourite hacks to help parents

Life’s busy when you’re a parent. We want to help in any little way we can. That’s why we’ve been scouring social media and quizzing every parent we know to find the very best tips to make parents’ lives that little bit easier. Here are some our favourite hacks: At home hacks @anniemccarmen convinced her 8-year-old that she hates the sound of the vacuum cleaner, so now she vacuums whenever she’s mad at her. Good one Annie! @fatherwithtwins has some great tips for getting an extra lie-in at the weekend:... Read More



To celebrate International Women’s Day this year #IWD2021 we decided to make a week of it! Each day we’ve been sharing stories from mums who have had to overcome significant challenges in their motherhood journey. If you missed them, here they all are. My IVF Struggle I overcame failed IVF and had to fight hard mentally and physically to face my second round, risking the chance of failure again. Second round I then landed in intensive care, with a massive fear of the unknown of 1. surviving myself and 2.... Read More

baby crying with colic 17/02/2021
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Having a colicky baby can be exhausting, frustrating and upsetting. The non-stop crying would test a saint and causes a lot of stress for new parents. Luckily, there are products that can help you and baby get through this tricky period and there’s lots of trusted help and guidance available too. The main thing to remember is that there is nothing you are doing wrong, it’s just one of those things that many young babies get. If you’re worried about colic and want to know if you should get anti-colic... Read More

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When any new parent brings baby home for the first time, it’s natural to feel nervous. You can read all of the books in the world, but there’s nothing quite like living it for yourself – magical, unknown, filled with joy and exhausting – often all at the same time. Sleep (or lack of) is a topic on every new parent’s mind, which makes choosing the right sleeping arrangements for you and your family, one of the most important early decisions. Remember that this is your individual experience to shape... Read More


10 Baby Travel Bag Essentials

When you are expecting, you suddenly have a very long list of things you are going to need. It is pretty crazy the amount that is needed for such a tiny human being, but you will soon find yourself getting prepared and buying all the essentials. So I am here to help you tick off your list all those things that are handy, which firstly starts with a decent travel change bag and essential extras. I haven’t even used this bag yet, and I am already so impressed. If I... Read More



Around a year and a half ago, just before Ollie was 1, my partner and I decided we were ready to try for another bundle of love. I got pregnant with Ollie pretty quickly but this time it took almost 6 months. I think when you actively try it usually takes that little bit longer. At around 8 weeks pregnant we were told our baby wasn’t in the right place and unfortunately I was suffering an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in emergency surgery. The pain and suffering and felt was... Read More

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WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! I cannot believe that in our last Nuby Blog, which was in January, I spoke about us having another baby in the future if we were lucky enough and little did we know, I was already carrying baby number two! This is a super exciting time for us and we cannot wait to see our little Hugo, just turned two, become a big brother.  New baby, means all things new right? I feel confident this time around what to not waste our money on and what... Read More