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Dr Talbots Newborn Baby Bath Support

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Keep your little one clean with the help of this awesome non-slip Bathing Cradle designed to make bath time comfier and easier for you and your baby!

  • Non-slip, easy-clean Bathing Cradle makes tub-time easier for parents and babies
  • Contoured to comfortably support baby’s head and neck with soft mesh gentle against your baby’s skin
  • Can be used to bathe your baby on the counter (approx. 0-3 months) or in a bathtub (approx. 0-6 months) 
  • Non-slip design, easy-clean design helps keep wiggly, slippery babies safe and comfy during bath time 
  • Handy water level line to keep track of the max amount of water to bathe your little one in

Contents: 1 x Bathing Cradle

Bath time can be lots of fun but also a bit of handful when it comes to trying to stop your little one wiggling around so you can get them clean.  This awesome non-slip Bathing Cradle is designed to help keep it fun by making bath time easier and comfier for both you and your little munchkin.

Designed to be used either on a counter or in your bathtub, this handy, non-slip portable bather is perfect for babies 0-6 months.  It’s contoured to comfortably support your baby’s head and neck and its super soft mesh is soft and gentle against your baby’s sensitive skin.  

Its so easy to use too! If you’re using it on the countertop (age range 0-3 months) simply place it on a level countertop away from the edge making sure it’s stable and all locking tabs are secure in their correct openings.  Position the Bathing Cradle so excess water will drain into sink from overflow and fill it with the appropriate amount of water (to max fill line symbol and checking the temperature isn’t too hot) before you gently pop your little one down and watch as they love (hopefully!) the splish splash of the water as you give them a clean.  When you’re finished, carefully remove your baby and drain the water from the bather.

If you’re using it in the bathtub (age range 0-6 months) place it into your bathtub making sure all locking tabs are secure in their correct openings before filling the bather with the appropriate amount of water (checking the temperature isn’t too hot).  Carefully place your baby into the bather and gently cleanse and rinse them using a handheld shower sprayer or cup.  When you’re finished, carefully remove your baby and drain the water from the bather.

Cleaning the bather once you’ve settled your baby is a doddle too! Just remove the water basin from the body cradle to hand wash in warm, soapy water before giving it a good rinse.

Bring on the bath time wiggles and giggles.   

Lucy to confirm if need to say anything about prevents you re-using dirty water / front drain plug allows dirty water to flow out as fresh water pours in like Munchkins…


Cleaning: Wash before first use and after each subsequent use.  Hand wash in warm, soapy water and rinse well.  Use a towel to remove excess water from bathing cradle and allow to air dry completely.   To remove the water basin, use your thumb to firmly press locking tabs inward while pulling outward with fingers on the bather side wall.  Make sure the water basin is empty then lift the body cradle away from the water basin.


DROWNING HAZARD: babies have drowned while using bathing aid products. 

FALL HAZARD: Babies have suffered head injuries falling from infant bath tubs.  

Not a safety device. This is not a life saving device.

Never leave a child unattended with this or any other infant product.

See warnings on pack for more detail and information.

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